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    When trying to update WinActor to version 7.2.1, the following message is displayed upon launching WinActor. " The license file is invalid." The previous version is 7.1.1 and it is running under a valid product license.

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    Please check the types of installers for both of the previous version and the new version. If the previous version is the type for standard user and the new version is the one for administrator user, you are requested to send the Product ID obtained from the new version 7.2.1 to your distributor and get a new license again. 
    WinActor Ver.7 series allows you to reuse Product ID of older version's as long as the installer used for updating is the same type as the older one.
    Not limited to this particular version up (from Version 7.1.1 to Version 7.2.1), changing the installer type from the standard one to the administrator one of any Version 7 series will require new Product ID.
    Note: You are also requested to ask for a new license when updating from Version 5 or Version 6.
    • FAQ No:ENG00430
    • Updated Date:2021/06/30
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