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    Please let me know about the compatibility of the scenario file. For example, can WinActor Ver.7.1.1 reuse "xxx.ums6" file to execute?

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    Scenarios for older versions can also be run with WinActor Ver.7.1.1. (So-called Backward compatibility.) The scenario file formats supported by each version of WinActor are as follows.


    Ver.7 : .ums5, .ums6
    Ver.6 : .ums4, .ums5
    Ver.5 : .ums4

    Please note that, due to the change of WinActor's version, there may be some behavior changes and restrictions. Please refer to the Release Notes, manuals and FAQs(URLs listed below.) for more information.





    • FAQ No:ENG00429
    • Updated Date:2021/02/26
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